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NetServer Lite is MultiVision's mobile advanced digital surveillance solution to today's security demands. Using the latest digital video recording (DVR) technology, this design caters specifically for mobile users.

NetServer Lite is flexible due to its PC based, Microsoft Windows operating system. The NetServer Lite system can also run on embedded Windows XP from Compact Flash or SD Memory for enhanced reliability.

NetServer Lite key features:

  • 4 to 8-channel digital video recording for multi-channel applications
  • Support of wireless connectivity with a wireless/cellular air card port
  • Supports up to 4 USB ports and 1 RS-232 serial port for full customization
  • MPEG4 format used for reduced file size for maximum storage
  • Video authentication watermark of recorded images
  • Adjustable frame rate and resolution for recording
  • Adjustable contact switch allows user to configure alarm inputs (Door, Horn, etc.)
  • "Power-off Protection" feature automates the system to record when power is restored.
  • Anti-vibration platform to aid system performance and durability

For details, please see datasheet:


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