x%z{W]!J,5|}N[Zk6odo%veU&&;(Bkj@3u:83D wm&q;5 mX'yL_gfE#u\Y'+9>%9//\nlC@?HmQ)dX[fR;`X!7KLob(57DZ3V2>K2f8nA~|>.qLIIbZW %YmA=a@& Pf$.IsOI' GsAlTP}w=W7#NTQ)09)))GNY =7 H/0ES{YyuP{}7t.   V`4s w`#>,rQ8M*jc31(N( ?Rpk6J9G FBFBPAh,z WgKxW&0^jr#r RV^~ g!oL aY_<5Sbt@D ,"|t}F i3]k:=2|-iM:zJQh\ls_2Mpw$'F\S+q6#LA_dO B]TNh4vMy(z"6CMia-Oy;XI 2EDjeT+c]h ?q^1J O\^1|;RF-*9d! %s: value for field `%s' must be in range %d...%d Access Rights : Attributes : %s [-abkCLNTM][-Dname[=value]] [-i size] [-I [-K seconds]] [-Y path] infile %s [-c | -h | -l | -m | -t | -Sc | -Ss | -Sm] [-o outfile] [infile] %s [-n netid]* [-o outfile] [infile] %s [-s nettype]* [-o outfile] [infile] Access rights: Entry data of type %s Name : %s Public Key : Type : %s Universal addresses (%u) [%d] Name : %s [%u] - [%u bytes] %s cache: %15s cache is enabled %15Zd suggested size %15ld seconds time to live for positive entries %15ld seconds time to live for negative entries %15ld cache hits on positive entries %15ld cache hits on negative entries %15ld cache misses on positive entries %15ld cache misses on negative entries %15ld%% cache hit rate %15s check /etc/%s for changes Group Members : Time to Live : rpcinfo -b prognum versnum rpcinfo -d prognum versnum rpcinfo -p [ host ] rpcinfo [ -n portnum ] -t host prognum [ versnum ] no yes Data Length = %u Explicit members: Explicit nonmembers: Implicit members: Implicit nonmembers: No explicit members No explicit nonmembers No implicit members No implicit nonmembers No recursive members No recursive nonmembers Recursive members: program vers proto port or: (SKIPPED) (changed) (rule from "%s", line %d) [OPTION...]"%s", line %d: %s"Zone %s" line and -l option are mutually exclusive"Zone %s" line and -p option are mutually exclusive"infile" is required for template generation flags. %.*s: ARGP_HELP_FMT parameter requires a value%.*s: Unknown ARGP_HELP_FMT parameter%1$s: definition does not end with `END %1$s'%d libs found in cache `%s' %s in ruleless zone%s is a 32 bit ELF file. %s is a 64 bit ELF file. %s is for unknown machine %d. %s is not a known library type%s is not a shared object file (Type: %d). %s is not a symbolic link %s is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start. %s%s%s:%u: %s%sAssertion `%s' failed. %s%s%s:%u: %s%sUnexpected error: %s. %s%sUnknown signal %d %s: %d did not sign extend correctly %s: must be greater than %s: C preprocessor failed with exit code %d %s: C preprocessor failed with signal %d %s: Can't create %s: %s %s: Can't create directory %s: %s %s: Can't link from %s to %s: %s %s: Can't open %s: %s %s: Can't remove %s: %s %s: Can't unlink %s: %s %s: Error closing %s: %s %s: Error reading %s %s: Error writing %s %s: Leap line in non leap seconds file %s %s: Memory exhausted: %s %s: More than one -L option specified %s: More than one -d option specified %s: More than one -l option specified %s: More than one -p option specified %s: More than one -y option specified %s: Too many arguments %s: `%s' mentioned more than once in definition of weight %d%s: `%s' must be a character%s: `%s' value does not match `%s' value%s: `-1' must be last entry in `%s' field%s: `forward' and `backward' are mutually excluding each other%s: `position' must be used for a specific level in all sections or none%s: `translit_start' section does not end with `translit_end'%s: byte sequence of first character of sequence is not lower than that of the last character%s: byte sequences of first and last character must have the same length%s: cannot have `%s' as end of ellipsis range%s: cannot reorder after %.*s: symbol not known%s: character `%s' in charmap not representable with one byte%s: character `%s' needed as default value not representable with one byte%s: character `%s' not defined in charmap while needed as default value%s: character `%s' not defined while needed as default value%s: command was '%s', result was %d %s: direction flag in string %Zd in `era' field is not '+' nor '-'%s: direction flag in string %Zd in `era' field is not a single character%s: duplicate `default_missing' definition%s: duplicate category version definition%s: duplicate declaration of section `%s'%s: duplicate definition of `%s'%s: empty category description not allowed%s: empty weight string not allowed%s: error in state machine%s: field `%s' declared more than once%s: field `%s' does not contain exactly ten entries%s: field `%s' must not be empty%s: field `%s' not defined%s: field `%s' undefined%s: garbage at end of offset value in string %Zd in `era' field%s: garbage at end of starting date in string %Zd in `era' field %s: garbage at end of stopping date in string %Zd in `era' field%s: illegal option -- %c %s: incomplete `END' line%s: invalid escape `%%%c' sequence in field `%s'%s: invalid escape sequence in field `%s'%s: invalid number for offset in string %Zd in `era' field%s: invalid number of sorting rules%s: invalid option -- %c %s: invalid starting date in string %Zd in `era' field%s: invalid stopping date in string %Zd in `era' field%s: invalid value for field `%s'%s: language abbreviation `%s' not defined%s: line %d: bad command `%s' %s: line %d: cannot specify more than %d services%s: line %d: cannot specify more than %d trim domains%s: line %d: expected `on' or `off', found `%s' %s: line %d: expected service, found `%s' %s: line %d: ignoring trailing garbage `%s' %s: line %d: list delimiter not followed by domain%s: line %d: list delimiter not followed by keyword%s: missing `order_end' keyword%s: missing `reorder-end' keyword%s: missing `reorder-sections-end' keyword%s: missing era format in string %Zd in `era' field%s: missing era name in string %Zd in `era' field%s: multiple order definitions for section `%s'%s: multiple order definitions for unnamed section%s: no correct regular expression for field `%s': %s%s: no identification for category `%s'%s: no representable `default_missing' definition found%s: not enough sorting rules%s: numeric country code `%d' not valid%s: option `%c%s' doesn't allow an argument %s: option `%s' is ambiguous %s: option `%s' requires an argument %s: option `--%s' doesn't allow an argument %s: option `-W %s' doesn't allow an argument %s: option `-W %s' is ambiguous %s: option requires an argument -- %c %s: order for `%.*s' already defined at %s:%Zu%s: order for collating element %.*s not yet defined%s: order for collating symbol %.*s not yet defined%s: output would overwrite %s %s: panic: Invalid l_value %d %s: premature end of file%s: section `%.*s' not known%s: starting date is invalid in string %Zd in `era' field%s: stopping date is invalid in string %Zd in `era' field%s: symbolic range ellipsis must not be directly followed by `order_end'%s: symbolic range ellipsis must not directly follow `order_start'%s: syntax error%s: syntax error in definition of new character class%s: syntax error in definition of new character map%s: table for class "%s": %lu bytes %s: table for map "%s": %lu bytes %s: table for width: %lu bytes %s: terminology language code `%s' not defined%s: the start and the end symbol of a range must stand for characters%s: third operand for value of field `%s' must not be larger than %d%s: too few values for field `%s'%s: too many rules; first entry only had %d%s: too many values%s: too many values for field `%s'%s: transliteration data from locale `%s' not available%s: unable to open %s: %m %s: unknown character in collating symbol name%s: unknown character in equivalent definition name%s: unknown character in equivalent definition value%s: unknown character in field `%s'%s: unknown section name `%s'%s: unknown symbol `%s' in equivalent definition%s: unrecognized option `%c%s' %s: unrecognized option `--%s' %s: usage is %s [ -s ] [ -v ] [ -l localtime ] [ -p posixrules ] \ [ -d directory ] [ -L leapseconds ] [ -y yearistype ] [ filename ... ] %s: usage is %s [ -v ] [ -c cutoff ] zonename ... %s: value for field `%s' must be a single character%s: value for field `%s' must be in range %d...%d%s: value for field `%s' must not be an empty string%s: value for field `%s' must not be the empty string%s: value of field `int_curr_symbol' does not correspond to a valid name in ISO 4217%s: value of field `int_curr_symbol' has wrong length%s: values for field `%s' must be smaller than 127%s: values for field `%s' must not be larger than %d%s: values of field `%s' must not be larger than %d%s: weights must use the same ellipsis symbol as the name%s: while writing output %s: %m(PROGRAM ERROR) No version known!?(PROGRAM ERROR) Option should have been recognized!?(Unknown object) (unknown authentication error - %d)(unknown)*** The file `%s' is stripped: no detailed analysis possible *standard input*, OS ABI: %s %d.%d.%d-o OUTPUT-FILE [INPUT-FILE]... [OUTPUT-FILE [INPUT-FILE]...].lib section in a.out corrupted; low version = %lu, high version = %lu; why = <%s> and <%s> are illegal names for range<%s> and <%s> are invalid names for range character must not be in class `%s' character not in class `%s'?AbortedAccess Rights : Accessing a corrupted shared libraryAddress already in useAddress family for hostname not supportedAddress family not supported by protocolAddress family not supported by protocol familyAdvertise errorAlarm clockAll requests doneAlso draw graph for total memory consumptionAnode table overflowAnother string for testing.Arg list too longArgument list too longArgument out of domainAttempt to remove a non-empty tableAttempting to link in more shared libraries than system limitAttempting to link in too many shared librariesAuthentication OKAuthentication errorBOGUS OBJECT Bad addressBad exchange descriptorBad file descriptorBad file numberBad font file formatBad messageBad request codeBad request descriptorBad system callBad value for ai_flagsBe strictly POSIX conformBinary data Block device requiredBroadcast poll problemBroken pipeBus errorCPU time limit exceededCache expiredCan not access a needed shared libraryCan not exec a shared library directlyCan't bind to server which serves this domainCan't chdir to /Can't communicate with portmapperCan't communicate with ypbindCan't communicate with ypservCan't create temporary cache file %sCan't find %sCan't link %s to %sCan't lstat %sCan't open cache file %s Can't open cache file directory %s Can't open configuration file %sCan't open directory %sCan't remove old temporary cache file %sCan't stat %sCan't stat %s Can't unlink %sCannot allocate memoryCannot assign requested addressCannot create socket for broadcast rpcCannot exec a shared library directlyCannot fstat file %s. Cannot have more than one file generation flag! Cannot lstat %sCannot mmap file %s. Cannot receive reply to broadcastCannot register serviceCannot send after socket shutdownCannot send after transport endpoint shutdownCannot send broadcast packetCannot set socket option SO_BROADCASTCannot specify more than one input file! Cannot stat %sCannot use netid flag with inetd flag! Cannot use netid flag without TIRPC! Cannot use table flags with newstyle! Change to and use ROOT as root directoryChanging access rights of %s to %#o failedChannel number out of rangeCharacter Separator : %c Child exitedClient credential too weakColumns : Communication error on sendCompile locale specificationComputer bought the farmConfigure Dynamic Linker Run Time Bindings.Connection refusedConnection reset by peerConnection timed outContinuedConvert encoding of given files from one encoding to another.Copyright (C) %s Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Could not create log file "%s"Create C header file NAME containing symbol definitionsCreate fastloading iconv module configuration file.Create old-style tablesCreate output even if warning messages were issuedCreation Time : %sCross-device linkDATAFILE [OUTFILE]DES entry for netname %s not unique DIRECTORY DST not allowed in SUID/SGID programsDYNAMIC LINKER BUG!!!Database for table does not existDatabase is busyDeadlock situation detected/avoidedDefault Access rights : Destination address requiredDevice busyDevice not a streamDevice or resource busyDiffie-Hellmann (%d bits) Directory : %s Directory not emptyDisc quota exceededDisk quota exceededDo not fork and display messages on the current ttyDo not use existing catalog, force new output fileDomain not boundDon't build cacheDon't generate linksDump information generated by PC profiling.ELF file ABI version invalidELF file OS ABI invalidELF file version does not match current oneELF file version ident does not match current oneELF file's phentsize not the expected sizeELF load command address/offset not properly alignedELF load command alignment not page-alignedEMT trapENTRY Encrypted data Entry/table type mismatchEnumeration not supported on %s Error 0Error 100Error 101Error 102Error 103Error 104Error 105Error 106Error 107Error 108Error 109Error 110Error 111Error 112Error 113Error 114Error 115Error 116Error 117Error 118Error 119Error 136Error 142Error 58Error 59Error 72Error 73Error 75Error 76Error 91Error 92Error in RPC subsystemError in accessing NIS+ cold start file. Is NIS+ installed?Error in unknown error system: Error while talking to callback procError writing standard outputError: .netrc file is readable by others.Exchange fullExec format errorFATAL: system does not define `_POSIX2_LOCALEDEF'FILE contains mapping from symbolic names to UCS4 valuesFailed (unspecified error)Failed to look up user '%s' to run server asFile %s is too small, not checked.File descriptor in bad stateFile existsFile is not a cache file. File locking deadlockFile locking deadlock errorFile name too longFile size limit exceededFile table overflowFile too largeFirst string for testing.First/next chain brokenFloating point exceptionFormat to use: new, old or compat (default)Full resync required for directoryFunction not implementedGROUP Garbage in ARGP_HELP_FMT: %sGenerate graphic from memory profiling dataGenerate message catalog.\vIf INPUT-FILE is -, input is read from standard input. If OUTPUT-FILE is -, output is written to standard output. Generate output linear to time (default is linear to number of function calls)Generate verbose messagesGeneric system errorGet locale-specific information.Give a short usage messageGive this help listGratuitous errorGroup : %s Group Flags :Group entry for "%s.%s" group: Hang for SECS seconds (default 3600)HangupHaven't found "%d" in group cache!Haven't found "%d" in password cache!Haven't found "%s" in group cache!Haven't found "%s" in hosts cache!Haven't found "%s" in password cache!Host is downHost name lookup failureI/O errorI/O possibleIOT trapIdentifier removedIgnored file %s since it is not a regular file.Illegal byte sequenceIllegal instructionIllegal object type for operationIllegal seekInappropriate file type or formatInappropriate ioctl for deviceInappropriate operation for background processInformation requestInformation:Input Files:Input file %s not found. Input/Output format specification:Input/output errorInternal NIS errorInternal ypbind errorInterruptInterrupted by a signalInterrupted system callInterrupted system call should be restartedInvalid argumentInvalid back referenceInvalid character class nameInvalid client credentialInvalid client verifierInvalid collation characterInvalid content of \{\}Invalid cross-device linkInvalid exchangeInvalid object for operationInvalid or incomplete multibyte or wide characterInvalid preceding regular expressionInvalid range endInvalid regular expressionInvalid request codeInvalid request descriptorInvalid server verifierInvalid slotInvalidate the specified cacheIs a directoryIs a name fileIs a named type fileKerberos. KilledLINK LOCAL entry for UID %d in directory %s not unique Level 2 haltedLevel 2 not synchronizedLevel 3 haltedLevel 3 resetLink has been severedLink number out of rangeLink points to illegal nameLinked Object Type : Linked to : %s Local domain name not setLocal resource allocation failureMachine is not on the networkMalformed name, or illegal nameMandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponding short options.Manually link individual libraries.Master Server : Master server busy, full dump rescheduled.Memory allocation failureMemory exhaustedMessage tables fullMessage too longMissing or malformed attributeMod. Time : %sModification failedModify operation failedModify output format:Multihop attemptedMust specify user name for server-user optionNAMENAME [-a|-m]NIS client/server version mismatch - can't supply serviceNIS map database is badNIS+ operation failedNIS+ servers unreachableNIS+ service is unavailable or not installedNO OBJECT NUMBERName : `%s' Name Service Cache Daemon.Name not served by this serverName not unique on networkName or service not knownName output fileName/entry isn't uniqueNamed object is not searchableNeed authenticatorNetwork dropped connection because of resetNetwork dropped connection on resetNetwork is downNetwork is unreachableNo CSI structure availableNo XENIX semaphores availableNo address associated with hostnameNo address associated with nameNo anodeNo buffer space availableNo character set name specified in charmapNo child processesNo data availableNo definition for %s category foundNo file space on serverNo link created since soname could not be found for %sNo locks availableNo matchNo medium foundNo message of desired typeNo more records in map databaseNo previous regular expressionNo record locks availableNo remote programs registered. No route to hostNo space left on deviceNo such deviceNo such device or addressNo such file or directoryNo such key in mapNo such map in server's domainNo such processNon NIS+ namespace encounteredNon-recoverable failure in name resolutionNone. Not a XENIX named type fileNot a data messageNot a directoryNot a name fileNot a stream deviceNot availableNot enough spaceNot foundNot found, no such nameNot master server for this domainNot ownerNot supportedNumber of Columns : %d Number of objects : %u Number of symbolic links encountered during path name traversal exceeds MAXSYMLINKSNumerical argument out of domainNumerical result out of rangeObject #%d: Object Name : %s Object Type : Object is remoteObject with same name existsOdd number of quotation marksOnly process directories specified on the command line. Don't build cache.Only root is allowed to use this option!Operation already in progressOperation canceledOperation not applicableOperation not permittedOperation not supportedOperation not supported on transport endpointOperation now in progressOperation would blockOption not supported by protocolOptional output file prefixOut of stream resourcesOut of streams resourcesOutput control:Output selection:Owner : %s PRIVATE Package not installedParse error: %sPartial successPassed object is not the same object on serverPath `%s' given more than oncePermission deniedPower failurePremature end of regular expressionPrint cachePrint current configuration statisticPrint more informationPrint more messagesPrint program versionProbable successProbably not foundProcessing request in progressProfiling timer expiredProtocol driver not attachedProtocol errorProtocol family not supportedProtocol not availableProtocol not supportedProtocol wrong type for socketQuery illegal for named tableQuitRFS specific errorRPC bad procedure for programRPC failure on NIS operationRPC program not availableRPC program version wrongRPC struct is badRPC version wrongRPC: (unknown error code)RPC: Authentication errorRPC: Can't decode resultRPC: Can't encode argumentsRPC: Failed (unspecified error)RPC: Incompatible versions of RPCRPC: Port mapper failureRPC: Procedure unavailableRPC: Program not registeredRPC: Program unavailableRPC: Program/version mismatchRPC: Remote system errorRPC: Server can't decode argumentsRPC: SuccessRPC: Timed outRPC: Unable to receiveRPC: Unable to sendRPC: Unknown hostRPC: Unknown protocolRSA (%d bits) RTLD_NEXT used in code not dynamically loadedRead and display shared object profiling dataRead configuration data from NAMERead-only file systemReal-time signal %dRegular expression too bigRemote I/O errorRemote address changedRemove password or make file unreadable by others.Renaming of %s to %s failedReopening shared object `%s' failedReplicate : Report bugs to %s. Report bugs using the `glibcbug' script to . Request arguments badRequest canceledRequest not canceledReserved for future useResolver Error 0 (no error)Resolver internal errorResource deadlock avoidedResource lostResource temporarily unavailableResult too largeResults sent to callback procSHOBJ [PROFDATA]Search Path : %s Segmentation faultServer busy, try againServer out of memoryServer rejected credentialServer rejected verifierServname not supported for ai_socktypeSet the program nameShut the server downSignal 0Socket operation on non-socketSocket type not supportedSoftware caused connection abortSorry. You are not root Source definitions are found in FILESrmount errorStack faultStale NFS file handleStart NUMBER threadsStatus : %s StoppedStopped (signal)Stopped (tty input)Stopped (tty output)Streams pipe errorStructure needs cleaningSuccessSupported databases:Suppress warnings and information messagesSymbolic character names defined in FILESystem errorSystem information:System resource allocation failureSystem's directory for character maps : %s repertoire maps: %s locale path : %s %sTABLETABLE TABLE,yesTable Type : %s Temporary failure in name resolutionTerminatedText file busyThe following list contain all the coded character sets known. This does not necessarily mean that all combinations of these names can be used for the FROM and TO command line parameters. One coded character set can be listed with several different names (aliases). This implementation doesn't support newstyle or MT-safe code! Time to live : Timer expiredTitle string used in output graphicToo many attributesToo many levels of symbolic linksToo many linksToo many open filesToo many open files in systemToo many processesToo many references: cannot spliceToo many usersTrace/breakpoint trapTrailing backslashTranslator diedTransport endpoint is already connectedTransport endpoint is not connectedTry `%s --help' or `%s --usage' for more information. Trying %s... Type : %s UNKNOWNUnable to authenticate NIS+ clientUnable to authenticate NIS+ serverUnable to create callbackUnable to create process on serverUnknown (type = %d, bits = %d) Unknown .netrc keyword %sUnknown ELFCLASS in file %s. Unknown NIS error codeUnknown OSUnknown database: %s Unknown errorUnknown error Unknown hostUnknown objectUnknown option: %s %s %sUnknown resolver errorUnknown server errorUnknown signal %dUnknown system errorUnknown ypbind errorUnmatched ( or \(Unmatched ) or \)Unmatched [ or [^Unmatched \{Unrecognized variable `%s'Urgent I/O conditionUsage:Usage: %s [-v specification] variable_name [pathname] Usage: rpcinfo [ -n portnum ] -u host prognum [ versnum ] Use CACHE as cache fileUse CONF as configuration fileUse separate cache for each userUser defined signal 1User defined signal 2Value too large for defined data typeVirtual timer expiredWild result from command executionWindow chanz .z ,.. SYS_LC_MESSAGES;408ce7c3SYS_LC_MESSAGES{ .{,..y SYS_LC_MESSAGES;408ce7c3ySYS_LC_MESSAGES