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Q1: What is MultiVision's core business?
A1: MultiVision is a technology-based company that designs, develops and distributes high quality digital video surveillance products and solutions.
Q2: What are MultiVision's systems about?
A2: MultiVision's Intelligent Surveillance systems go beyond the traditional analog CCTV systems. They allow for central management and remote monitoring of multiple locations. Using MPEG4 compression technologies, MultiVision's Intelligent Surveillance systems can transmit captured digital images via LAN/MAN/WAN/Internets/PSTN/ISDN, allowing for high quality real-time remote surveillance management.
Q3: What are your core products?

MultiVision has three core products, namely the NetCorder DIY, the NetServer and the Unet Client Workstation.

i. The NetCorder DIY is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, working professionals, as well as customers from the residential market.

ii. The NetServer series of products primarily caters to corporate customers with higher-end surveillance management requirements that involve monitoring of large premises and/or numerous locations.

iii. The Unet Client Workstation is a product that enhances surveillance management capability by allowing the user to optimize visual coverage of a large number of surveillance cameras.

Q4: What differentiates MultiVision from its competitors?

Firstly, due to our management team's extensive experience in the security and information technology industries, we have established partnerships with distributors and system integrators in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the PRC, thus giving us comparative advantage over our competitors in these markets.

Secondly, our products and solutions are based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and MPEG4 compression, which provide our end-users with greater flexibility in integrating or upgrading their security systems, unlike traditional vendors of surveillance devices who tend to develop proprietary products. Our products and solutions can also be adapted for use in a diverse range of industries such as the banking and utilities sectors as well as by government agencies.

Last but not least, we constantly seek to maintain a competitive edge in our research and development capabilities. The R&D team, which is headed by Mr Louis Mak (our CEO), a veteran of the industry with 30 years of experience, is also able to leverage his experience gained in major security and surveillance projects.

Q5: Can MultiVision's surveillance products be added-on to an existing surveillance system that is not built by MultiVision?
A5: Yes, they can. As our products and solutions are based on the PC/Windows platform, they can interface with different systems, devices and software.
Q6: What are some of the significant projects that MultiVision has undertaken?
A6: Our significant projects worldwide include the State Rail Authority project in New South Wales, Chek Lap Kok International Airport in Hong Kong, and Toddlerwatch in the USA.
Q7: In which countries does MultiVision have offices in?
A7: We have a global distribution network spanning 25 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the US and Europe and are headquartered in Hong Kong. Our regional marketing headquarters in Singapore will leverage the country's geographical location for our expansion plans into the region
Q8: Which market segments is MultiVision focusing on?
A8: Apart from designing digital surveillance products and solutions for use in the banking, residential, commercial, retail, building management, utilities, healthcare and transportation industries as well as various governmental agencies, we intend to expand the applications of our products into the high-end airline and mobile communications industries.


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