Partner Policy Statement

MultiVision works with different categories of partners around the world. They are the:
1. Distributors
2. System integrators
3. Corporate customers

1. Distributors
Distribution is MultiVision's main sales channel around the world. The distributors' focus is to promote and sell the MultiVision range of products to their own dealer networks.

There are a few categories of distributors that MultiVision work with as partners, depending on their business focus and sales networks.

We welcome your enquiry at anytime with regards to becoming a MultiVision distributor.

2. Systems integrators (SIs)
SIs are important partners of MultiVision with the responsibilities of implementing and installing MultiVision's digital surveillance solutions for our customers.

For example, a client who has bought MultiVision's NetServers as their surveillance solution will need technical expertise to help them install the servers. Our SI partner will be responsible to install and set up the surveillance solution.

3. Corporate customers
MultiVision works closely with corporate customers to understand their requirements and provide them the most appropriate solution that answers their security needs. Once a suitable solution is defined, MultiVision will work with our SI partners to deliver the products and solution.

For more partnership details, please contact the MultiVision sales team at +852 2797 5678 or fax +852 2797 5679. Alternatively, please send your email to

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